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Unveiling Our New School Logo and Website

Press release                                                                                                                                      14 april 2021


In celebrating Ermitage’s 80th anniversary, we look back on the many wonderful times our community has had together and the amazing students and families that have been a part of our journey. Ermitage has grown into a leading educational institution because of the dedication and support of its community of teachers, staff, students, families, and alumni. Today, we celebrate our past but look to the future to ensure our growth continues and generations to come have the opportunity to learn, lead, engage, and succeed at Ermitage International School.

Dear Students, Families, Alumni, and Colleagues,

In its 80 years, Ermitage has had its share of adventures. Despite a very difficult period marked by the pandemic, and in many ways thanks to the wonderful efforts of our entire community we have had a productive and successful year.

All of our 2020 Terminale and IBDP2 students successfully attained the Bac/IB, many with top results, and all have found a path to their university and career dreams. Our current DP2 cohort is prepping for their IB exams which start in just a few weeks and we wish them the best of luck and trust that they will make us proud. Our Terminale students will be sitting their exams shortly after. Students from the Petite Section of Maternelle all the way up to Lycée come to school with (masked) smiles on their faces, and a strong desire to learn.

Our re-enrollment rate has rarely been as high, with close to 95% of students re-enrolled from this year to the next. Some classes have had no departures. We’ve also had over 750 applicants so far for the next academic year, many of whom hope for a spot to open on our waiting lists.

As many of you know, we’ve also kept the momentum on projects impacting our day to day: a new kindergarten play area, the installation of the extra cafeteria space to allow for healthier meals, the installation of air filtration systems in our boarding houses, gym, and our Lycée, the ‘occultation’ of the 46 fence, and last but not least the full renovation of our Sully boarding house which will reopen for September 2021. Many other projects are in the planning stages and we hope to share these with you in the coming months.

Other smaller but impactful changes have been put in place, such as the move of all our admissions and re-enrollment to online systems, saving a minimum of 20 000 sheets of paper per year. We are very excited to share our newly designed and optimized website with you today and hope it will be a wonderful tool for our community and a window into our school for all of those who want to learn more about Ermitage.

Thanks to the caring guidance of teachers and staff and the support of parents at home, our students have shown great resilience throughout the year. They remain as engaged as ever and as keen to interact with the world as in the pre-Covid days, if not more. Many have participated in educational webinars and online leadership conferences with Round Square and MUN, all as proud ambassadors of the wonderful work we do here at Ermitage.

Next year, we look forward to empowering our student athletes by introducing the Ermitage Sports Academy. This intensive training program will allow students in our IB programs who want to pursue high levels of Golf, Football, or Horse Riding to have a strong training experience paired with our challenging IB courses.

With regards to our new identity, the evolution of our crest celebrates who we are by embracing our history and environment, recognizes the importance of the pursuit of knowledge, and encourages our community to spread their wings and better themselves in every way.

In order to seize the day we must continue to build on the pillars of open-mindedness, innovation, and success and set our sights to the future. Together we will engage, prosper, & succeed.

Benjamin Hunter Head of School





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