Independance Royale is the French leader of home adaptation equipments for elderly people featuring flagship products such as walk-in showers and stairlifts.

Independance Royale was founded in 2003 and is the French leader of the home adaptation equipment for elderly people. This is an attractive sector benefitting from strong long-term drivers: population ageing, elderly’s will to stay longer at home vs going to retirement homes, supporting government policies or increase in home adaptation equipment rate to name a few.

The value-play of this investment is to continue the company’s growth on its 2 key products and diversify the company’s product portfolio (scooters, lift chair, ergonomic beds) as well as its distribution channels (development of B2B2C sales, less costly in terms of marketing).

Indépendance Royale mostly sells, through an efficient B2C direct-marketing business model, custom-made walk-in showers adapted to elderly people (low threshold, anti-slippery floor coating, shower chair, shower bar), representing 77% of sales. Other products are electric wheelchairs, scooters, chairs, beds.

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