The Univet project was born from the merger of four veterinary structures in the Cannes area, which were quickly strengthen by the additions of other national clinics.

Univet is a French leader in veterinary care. Platina Equity Solutions supported the CEO, Christophe Navarro, in the setting-up of the initial platform, which has grouped 25 clinics. The group has a positioning of excellence in care and services.

Univet aims at expanding its leadership all over the French territory. The group delivers efficient central services to allow veterinarians to focus on care and and it develops innovative offers for pet owners to encourage customers retention.

Through the merger of 13 entities in one company, and through the implementation of an efficient governance, Platina supported the creation of a strong platform to develop a French leader to consolidate the French market. The group has already achieved several acquisitions during the months following the transaction.

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