Perseus is an independent lifestyle hotel owner and operator created in 2011 by Valéry Grégo. It currently owns several hotels across France and plans to expand into Europe over the next 10 years.

Perseus is an independent hotel owner and manager. Today, the group’s 8 high-end hotels and 450 rooms offer tourists from all over the world an exclusive experience in the Alps, on the Côte d’Azur and in Paris.

Starting from scratch, Platina invested alongside an entrepreneur in a programme to acquire and build independent hotels, with the ambition of making Perseus a brand synonymous with attention to details and a unique customer experience.

The renovation and repositioning of the acquired hotels as well as the professionalisation of the operations have resulted in the creation of performing assets including a first strong brand in the mountains, Les Hôtels d’En Haut, now recognised as a quality hotelier by international travellers.

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