As the French leader in reskilling and tutored remote learning, Fitec offers tailored solutions across two brands, Devenez.fr and Montuteur.fr

Fitec is a professional training actor created in 1989 by Michel and Bernard Sebban. Fitec has developed two activities, Devenez.fr and Montuteur.fr. The first is specialized in reskilling courses, allowing people to change career by acquiring new skills through certified training. For now, Devenez.fr provides exclusively IT and digital transformation reskilling classes. The second activity is incorporated within the framework of continuing professional education and specializes in tutored distance learning.


By undertaking its fourth investment in the training sector, Platina Equity Solutions strengthen its strong appreciation of and appetite for the training sector. In the last 2 years, the group has performed well, delivering a steady growth and doubling its revenue to reach approximately €15 million. Its EBITDA margin stands over 20%. The group aims to continue its profitable growth in its two activities, seizing opportunities for external growth.

With nearly 3,000 students trained in average per year, FITEC prevails as the French market leader in reskilling training.

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