Compobaie Solutions manufactures monobloc concrete frames, equipped with joineries, shutters as well as other equipments for single and multi-family homes, commercial buildings and community facilities.

Compobaie Solutions is a French manufacturer of a wide range of concrete window frames. Its construction system aims to meet the highest thermal standards thus offering both time and cost savings on the work sites and for the building owners.

Having refocused on its historical scope, Compobaie is now enjoying a sustained growth based on innovation and quality of service while better accommodating the requirements of modern housing.

Since Compobaie’s turn around in 2009, the new management has regained the trust of its clients, expanded its offer within the historic single-family home market, and diversified into the multi-family housing market. Compobaie Solutions won the FIB Innovation Award in 2011 and subsequently obtained the “Produit d’origine France garantie” label.

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