Investment Strategies

Private Equity

Our team operates on the French and European lower middle markets typically investing tickets in the range of €5m to up to €30m, while favouring incremental growth and prudent leverage.

Heirs to special situations specialists, we can invest across industries but retain particular interests in human healthcare, the silver economy, animal welfare, students and professional education, the better eating segment as well as some B2B services such as testing, inspection and certification.

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We have been pioneers in the European renewable energy space. Since 2002, we have invested in major solar PV and wind projects predominantly in continental Europe and in the UK, opportunistically elsewhere.

Our team has strong structuring, project-finance and project-contracting expertise, with a solid M&A track record for investing, managing and exiting both projects and platforms.

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Our hotel strategy combines an experienced manager’s vision with Platina’s ambitions in the sector. Started from scratch, we backed a management team to build the Perseus platform, comprising currently eight hotels and aggregating 450 keys.

Located throughout France, from Paris, to the French Riviera, up to the French Alps, we are focused on highly distinctive destination hotels delivering exceptional experiences to our guests.

With a proven ability to reposition under-invested and mismanaged hotels, we are also expanding our portfolio to Europe.

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As technology is fundamentally bringing fast changes and transforming the world we live in, our Disruption Investment Platform team seeks to invest in tech-enabled companies with the ability to disrupt established markets and business models.

We focus on the growth stages of venture capital yet retain some flexibility to opportunistically invest in more early stages.

As such, we have specific appetite for investments related to electric vehicles, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, clean tech, big data, mobility, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Everything and mobile.

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Principal Investing

Operating on behalf of our High Net Worth Families, we have full discretion on a pool of permanent capital to be invested opportunistically to serve dedicated purposes.

From diversification, to yield management or hedging, our objective is to broaden our scope, provide exposure to some asset classes, as well as to complement existing investment portfolios.

Being free from more traditional investing constraints, we aim to access, both as Limited Partners and General Partners, to good opportunities including those presented by like-minded investors.

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Public Markets and Hedge Funds

As public markets provide indispensable benefits to a diversified portfolio, we develop bespoke solutions across liquid asset classes based on our investors’ needs and our in-house macro scenario.

Evolving from traditional 60/40 models to more diversified portfolios, we generate custom asset allocations and focus on selecting active managers to offer various levels of correlation to meet diversification and alpha generation objectives.

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Yannick Petit

Thanks to its comprehensive experience in professional training, Platina quickly established itself as a natural partner, very involved in supporting the next phases of the group’s development” .

Yannick Petit

Philippe Lanoir

Thanks to its long-standing support, its agility in terms of governance and its advice on management and strategic matters, Platina has allowed me to change the business league in which we play.

Philippe Lanoir
Ekium Group CEO

Amin Khiari

Through proactive support, a culture for management best practices and efficient governance, Platina has enabled me to lead an ambitious transformation of the Group.

Amin Khiari
CEO of Groupe EDH

Christophe Navarro

With Platina as sponsor, the Univet group will have the means to become a leading national player in the veterinary space. Its in-depth knowledge of the sector, its flexibility in terms of investment horizon as well as its reinvestment capacity makes it a particularly good fit to our project.

Christophe Navarro

Ghislain Crassard

Our industry is becoming more and more demanding in terms of performance, training assessment and level of certifications. Given its size and growth prospects, Avenir Santé Formation is ideally positioned to deploy its solutions and meet growing expectations level thanks to the support of Platina.

Ghislain Crassard
Chairman of ASF Group

Valery Grego

Platina’s agility and availability in structuring the platform and supporting it in its acquisitions endeavour have been key to getting Perseus where it is today.

Valery Grego
CEO of Perseus