Pure Salmon has embarked on a mission to answer global fishing and feeding challenges by producing the finest, cleanest and healthiest Atlantic Salmon on earth.

Pure Salmon is a large scale fish-farming project focused on developing Recirculating Aquaculture System farms in order to produce healthy and high quality Atlantic Salmon via a local, sustainable and secure solution. Managed by a wide-ranging team of recognized experts and supported by an established technology provider, AquaMaof, the company uses land-based fish tanks technology as well as water filtration and treatment systems to grow fish at a high production rate without compromising on animal welfare or on product quality and nutritive value.

By tackling the global challenge of sustainable fish production, Pure Salmon aims at becoming the next industry leader by reshaping the fish industry as well as by offering the freshest, cleanest and tastiest Salmon to its customers. To do so, it will develop a total production capacity in excess of 260.000 tons across several facilities located Europe, the US, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Pure Salmon is now able to produce fully traceable Atlantic Salmons raised in a pristine and controlled environment that has no negative impact on the marine ecosystems. Its farms have no fish escape, uses no pesticides or pollutants and are 100% free of antibiotics. Its solution has been tested in a pilot facility in Poland and is now being rolled out across the globe, notably in Europe, China or Japan, where it has received the strong backing of trading and distribution giant, Itochu.

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