Riccardo Cirillo


Quick view
• Joined Platina in 2010, becoming Managing Partner for the energy team in 2014 and for the disruption team in 2017
• More than 16 years in the Private Equity and VC industry, Business Angel, entrepreneur

Field of expertise
• Startups and disruptive businesses across Europe and the UK
• Management of renewable energy assets involving both equity and project financing debt

Experience at Platina
• Creation and management of Platina’s renewable energy portfolio in Italy and India
• Launched DIP (“Disruptive Investment Platform”) Capital LLP, an Investment platform focused on tech-based disruptive businesses
• Board member of energy companies (Enerqos Energy Solution, Energia Tre) and startups (e.g. Wejo, MiMoto and AdLudio)

Previous experiences
Founding partner and CEO of Atmos SpA, a private equity investment focused on renewables and cleantech
• Co-coordinator and Manager of the Energy and Environment Practice at IGPartners.
• Started career at Fiat Group where he advised on the restructuring, mergers and acquisitions of the Industrial divisions

Education and languages
• Holds a BA in Engineering from the University of La Sapienza (Rome) and a Master’s in Industrial Management from ISVOR Fiat Institute, Turin
• Speaks English and Italian

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Through proactive support, a culture for management best practices and efficient governance, Platina has enabled me to lead an ambitious transformation of the Group.

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Platina’s agility and availability in structuring the platform and supporting it in its acquisitions endeavour have been key to getting Perseus where it is today.

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Christophe Navarro

With Platina as sponsor, the Univet group will have the means to become a leading national player in the veterinary space. Its in-depth knowledge of the sector, its flexibility in terms of investment horizon as well as its reinvestment capacity makes it a particularly good fit to our project.

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Thanks to its long-standing support, its agility in terms of governance and its advice on management and strategic matters, Platina has allowed me to change the business league in which we play.

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Our industry is becoming more and more demanding in terms of performance, training assessment and level of certifications. Given its size and growth prospects, Avenir Santé Formation is ideally positioned to deploy its solutions and meet growing expectations level thanks to the support of Platina.

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Yannick Petit

Thanks to its comprehensive experience in professional training, Platina quickly established itself as a natural partner, very involved in supporting the next phases of the group’s development” .

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