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Supermercato24 becomes Everli

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Supermercato24 becomes Everli

Supermercato24 has announced its rebranding. The Italian same-day delivery service for online groceries has now become Everli. The name should be more easy to remember for both Italians and non-Italians.

The reason why Supermercato24 changed its name to Everli, is because of its international expansion strategy. After extensive growth last year, the Italian company wants to widen its offer. Everli more than doubled its revenue and tripled its active user base compared to 2019.

Everli says it’s the first online grocery marketplace in Europe that expands internationally. In October last year, it acquired the Polish company Szopi and then it launched its service in Poland. The service will also be provided to other markets in Europe by the end of this year.

Everli will expand to other European markets by the end of the year.

‘A natural step forward’

“It is an important change, but it is also a natural step forward for a constantly growing and evolving reality: we want to become a leading brand for the European marketplace, with a name that is easy to remember and instills a sense of calm in those who read it, what English speakers call ‘Peace of mind”, CEO Federico Sargenti comments.

Supermercato24 becomes Everli

“Just think about the huge shift towards online grocery shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is no longer just about convenience, it is a necessary solution to eliminate complexities inside a market that has huge growth potential. Our model makes us a digital leader for both retailers and brands; we’ve already got some A-level retailers among ours”, he says.

This is no longer just about convenience.

New product features

Not only has the name and branding changed, the service also included new product features. From the possibility of constantly monitoring the status of the order and payment, to more control over any product replacement, and also the possibility of modifying the cart a few minutes after completing the order.

Everli covers small towns and low-density areas

As of today, Everli is online in 50 Italian provinces and 12 Polish cities. It covers small towns and low-density areas, places where online shopping services are still rare.

Currently, Everli is online in 50 Italian provinces and 12 Polish cities.

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