Adludio is redefining mobile advertising, with native brand experiences that makes them more memorable, notably on mobile.

Adludio is a mobile advertising company using innovative techniques to create an interactive and immersive experience through a consumer’s smartphone. Adludio uses “sensory advertising” which involves using technologies that already exist in modern phones, such as gyros and haptic feedback to create attractive advertisements to entice the end-user.

Adludio plans to expand in the US and APAC as well as to disrupt the ad-tech market with its Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering. By revisiting the need for a media agency in ad campaign construction and delivery, Adludio allows smaller companies to access to high quality creatives.

With a reputation for industry leading turnaround times on creative projects coupled with high-quality service, the company has generated average revenue growth of over 100% YoY since 2015. Adludio has also received numerous awards globally for its innovative mobile advertising services and is trusted by some of the largest brands in the world.

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