Acatus strives to become the premier digital pan-European Debt Capital Markets platform.


Acatus is the first digital debt capital markets platform. Through the innovative instrument of digital single asset securitization, Acatus offers originators the ability to convert loans and other illiquid assets into fungible securities eligible for safe custody in the form of bonds. In contrast to conventional portfolio securitisation, individual assets can be converted into individual securities and placed directly on the international debt capital market by Acatus.

Acatus’s ambitions is to be the European industry leader in single-asset securitisation and opening up the €12trillion loans available in Europe to investors through their debt capital markets platform.

Acatus has streamlined and automated the securitisation process, which has historically been known for long timelines and expensive procedures, into a digital process that can now be carried out in the most efficient manner before placing them directly on the capital market in the form of bonds.


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