BrumBrum wants to reimagine the way people buy used, or rent new, cars. With its retail option, the Company utilises technology to streamline the end-to-end process from buying, repairing, to digitally showcasing them on its online platform. Complete ownership and control over the process gives greater transparency of the vehicle stocked on the platform and drives best value for money and comprehensive services by simplifying car buying and ownership experience.

BrumBrum also offers a “Car-as-a-Service”option that allows users to rent new cars long-term through a package that can include financing, delivery, and maintenance for a single subscription fee.


BrumBrum has the aim to build the reference consumer brand and channel in the automotive retail category by building upon its unique blend of end-to-end online seamless user experience to access cars, and compelling data-driven processes.


Having already achieved deep digitalisation of car distribution and sales, unrivalled convenience, efficiency, flexibility, transparency, and seamless purchase process in the automotive retail space, BrumBrum is now also disrupting the long-term rental market through the “Car-as-a-Service” subscription plans.

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